Saturday, April 1, 2017

Another Saturday Down

Another crazy busy Saturday survived. Because I am backtracking and trying to blog, my memory is foggy about exactly what order all the pictures and games happened. The Tribe (green) games are usually on weekdays, Annie's and Jaileigh's and the Cubs are all on Saturdays.

She looks so grumpy. She is really happy at heart. 

It was cold and very early in the morning. 

Jaileigh taking pictures for us. 

She is really fast! She also hits really well. She is a great ball player!

Jaileigh's Red Bull game


Coach Mike giving the pitcher a pep talk with backup from Michael the catcher. 

Anthony pitching




Michael up to bat

 A solid double

"Now listen to me, when I say . . . . . ."

Anthony on deck


Anthony up to bat

Caught it on camera- getting hit in the hip with the pitch,

Love this team!

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