Monday, March 13, 2017

Wedding Continued

Rori and Edward were sealed together at 11:20 a.m. We then did pictures in front of the temple and then went right over to the ring ceremony and family luncheon that was held in the same venue the reception was going to be held in. After the luncheon ended we had a quick change over of tablecloths, decoration and food and then held the open house/luncheon. My mom had the best friends that volunteered to help keep the food and drink filled and everything running smoothly.

Our uncle Greg performed the ring ceremony and gave a really neat talk about being a good husband and wife to each other.

Cute little flower girls.

Andy wearing Grandpa Toms dress hat. When Andy got married her wore Grandpa's hat the whole night.

My aunt Julie sent these flowers to Rori. They smelled wonderful!

The dessert table pre-dessert being put out. My mom ordered cupcakes and little frosted sugar cookies and all kinds of truffles and chocolates. I think she's going to have left overs coming out of her ears for years!

Ready for the open house to start.

Edward chatting with his friends.

Katie and Mikala and Edwards sister, Gabriella

Rori and her friend, Aubrey and her husband

My little Jaileigh bug

My handsome hubby.

Cutting the cake

Handsome little man!

First dance

The cousins had a BLAST together! The two dads, Andy and Mike, took them down to the children's museum and let them play while my mom and I switched everything over for the evening portion. The reception was held above the Children's Museum on the 3rd floor.


My amazing dad puts up with a lot with all the women folk in our family! He is a good guy! 

My dads dad, Tom, his sisters Julie (right)  and Suzy (left).

My brother, Andy and his friend Newel and his wife.

My cousins, Teah and Sylvia

My dads mom, Kolleen and her husband Grandpa Dan

My Uncle Dave and Aunt Marrianne

Daddy Daughter Dance

Mike and Greg

Sunny and Emily

Brenda and her boy, Jonny

My aunt Linda and her daughter, Christy

The beautiful bridesmaids

This was such a cute picture! Edwards neice was watching the dancing from upstairs.

Mike and Annie tearing up the dance floor

Throwing the bouquet

My Aunt Suzy got a flower that broke off the bouquet.

Garter time

Grandma to the kids "Pick up all these flower petals because we can't have a dirty floor!"

I have no idea why Jaileigh was in the middle of the garter throw!

She was a little miffed she didn't catch it. She missed the bouquet toss because she was hanging out with Uncle Greg in his convertible car. He took all the cousins on rides around town in his cool car.

Gabriella caught the bouquet by default. It fell on the floor and she was the one that picked it up. She said that doesn't mean she caught it.

Silly Sisters!

Anthony was trying to figure out how to open the gate. I don't think it opened.

My dad with my mom's brother, Brent and his girlfriend.

Last picture of the night, I joined in. You can see Brent was pulling my ear! hahaha

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