Friday, March 31, 2017

The Boys

I am so proud of my little ballers. They work so hard all the time and they truly enjoy the game.

Jakob- I think this kid earns the most improved award. He really didn't have lot of heart in the game when he first started playing this season. He was just there because his dad made him and he wanted to do what his brothers did. He has improved so much and really takes it seriously now. I've even seen some tears sneak out after a strike out or loss.
Jakon "Bryant" DeMaria 

Dad giving him the pep talk

Anthony has the most desire to be the best. He is so competitive. He is still trying to find the balance between being competitive and showing good sportsmanship. He is all heart, will, hard work and competition. Love this kid! 
Anthony "Rizzo" DeMaria


3 and 2, what ya' gonna do? Oh yeah, homer!

I'm so glad I got his first homer on camera!

Michael is the smartest player on the field. He knows the game inside and out, knows every position, knows every trick and rule in the book. This is insane for an 8 year old. He is also very, very good at baseball. One of the most talented and knowledgeable ball players out there. 

Michael "Zobrist" DeMaria

Always has a big grin on his face! Always trying to sike the other team out too. Always has a prank up his sleeve. 

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