Saturday, March 18, 2017

Purple Panda #2

My little Purple Panda had her game #2

She played first base for the first inning and was on fire. Every hit and throw at her she scooped up or caught and ran to her base.

Grabbing the ball and running to 1st base.

1st at bat was a wack!

The last inning her coach put her in left field. She was pretty bored and was trying really hard not to draw in the dirt. A ball was hit hard at her, she grabbed it up like a champ and went to throw it to 3rd base but the girl was dancing with the butterflies, tried to throw it to 2nd and to 1st and same thing. She finally gave up and threw it to her coach. It was pretty funny.

She hit it all the way into the center outfield. If they let them run more than 1 base than she would have had a homerun! 

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