Saturday, March 11, 2017

Flower Time

My sweet sister was getting married March 11 and I volunteered to do her wedding flowers. It was a little stressful but I am so lucky to have a friend that walked me through everything. She helped me order the flowers, design the bouquets, and even video chatted with me as I made them 4 states away.

I used Sam's Club and Costco for the flowers. Costco was cheaper but their selection was smaller. Sam's Club was more expensive but they had a much larger selection of flowers.

I ordered from Sam's Club-
125 stems Light Pink Roses
6 bunches of Million Star Gypsophilia
5 bunches of Sala Greenery
20 stems of Natural Antique Green Hydrangeas
36 stems Hot Pink Garden Roses

From Costco I ordered
50 stems of Bi-Color Light Pink & Hot Pink Roses
50 stem of Hot Pink Roses

You can schedule your delivery date. Typically you want them to arrive 3 days before the wedding day to give them time to open. On Wednesday I had them delivered to my Grandma Kolleen's house and my mom and dad went over and cut stems and put them in buckets of water.

The light pink roses got left on the UPS truck until late Wednesday night. My mom ended up having to go pick them up at the UPS office. They were still beautiful despite the long ride all day.

The hot pink and the bi color flowers from Costco. They were delivered a full 24 hours early and my Grandma was out of town so they sat on her hot porch all day. I was not happy. The garden roses are in the front left bucket and were from Sams. I wasn't too happy with how the bloomed either. They were really wilty and never opened up for the wedding.  
I arrived Thursday at 11am and went right to work. I worked until dinner. We went to dinner with my dad and my grandparents to the Frostop. It was a much needed break! Mike had the kids all day and was probably tired! He took them to the Dixie High baseball games and they had a blast! I had to call and tell him we were eating dinner at 7pm. After we ate I came back and worked for a couple more hours. My sweet friend was video chatting with me most of the day on Thursday while she was at her work.

Hydrangea, baby's breath, sala greenery

Blooming way too early! Sure beautiful though!

The wilty garden roses. Beautiful color!

Hydrangea buckets.

Got most of my jars lined up!

I had 10 of these adorable jars.

  Gallon jars

Little bitty jars.

The 3 bridesmaid and the matron of honor bouquets with a table setting in the background.

I used little tea votives for all the hydrangea branches that I broke. My grandma stayed until 2 am on Friday night helping me put the last of the flowers together for the wedding the next day. We sprinkled baby's breath throughout the little hydrangea.

Annie trying out the brides bouquet.

Early Saturday morning we got up and delivered the flowers to the venue. Thank goodness for my grandparents and for my Uncle Greg! They helped me load their car and my car and then helped me unload.

Luncheon table flowers.

I bought this set of candle things at the thrift store. They had yellow-green glass in them and they were brown. I took the glass out and painted them white and they were perfect! I was short 2 table settings because I was told there were 10 tables so these were perfect for the extra tables.

For the reception we put out the big jars with the hydrangea and books.

I made the flower girls little posey's with 3 light pink roses. They were so excited to have bouquets too.  

Annie with her posey and Jaileigh holding my bouquet. The headbands were from amazon. I can't take credit for those.

Bridesmaids and flowergirls.

The bride with her beautiful bouquet!

Happy Wedding Rori and Edward!

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BearikaBallerina said...

Oh my gosh...even with the mishaps, the flowers came out so beautifully! Good job! Those bouquets are to die for.