Monday, March 20, 2017

Cubs Game #3

All the kids had games on Saturday. Annie started at 7:30, the boys at 8:30, Jaileigh at 11:00 and then the boys were supposed to have a second game at 3:30. Thank goodness that last one got cancelled. I took pictures at both of the girls game and didn't take anything at the boys. A great friend took pictures at the boys game and sent them to me. I was and am so grateful!

The umpire meeting with the coaches to go over rules.

I told all of the kids on the team that we (the moms) would pay them $20 for every legitimate homerun at the games. Jakob and Michael slammed homeruns and I was automatically $40 poorer!

Michael hit a homer.

I think this is Anthony catching.

Michael on first base.

Giving the pitcher a little pep talk.



"Ump you are wrong!" Trying to argue with the umpire in a nice way. One of our players hit a homerun but the other teams 2nd baseman got in his way, which slowed him down. The rule says he automatically should get the next base, which would have been home. If the 2nd baseman wouldn't have been in his way he would have made home easily. Ump refused to give him home. Mike looked up the rules on the way home and stewed about this for days! Our player was mad because he wanted his $20!

My little Zobrist.

My Rizzo

Michael pitching

Mike put himself in timeout for awhile. The umping was less than great this game.


Michael catching

This was his homerun.

Ant man

Jake's homerun was a bullet and went all the way to the fence, Michael told me. I had to leave early to take Jaileigh to her game so I got all the details from Michael.



This was the last play of the game. Jake scoops the ball at third base and throws it to Anthony and 1st.

He's out!

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