Friday, August 12, 2016

Miracles & Open House

Every year at Christmas time I put together a book of pictures from the year. This year we had so much going on and I never got around to it. In January I finally made one and then it suddenly was deleted. It was gone before I could order it. I was so mad because they take so much time. I threw the towel in and refused to redo it. Finally as the quads neared their birthday and their baptism date I knew that I had to get it done. I asked my friend, Kevin who took the pictures if he would just put a book together for me because I was too busy and honestly it was really hard emotionally for me to do it. If you remember the pictures he took for me, they were the ones of the kids holding pictures of when they were in the NICU. Here is the link for the Now and Then Blessings pictures he did.

He said he would love to put a book together and he did! It is amazing! It is such a touching and well thought out book. He put so much work and so many little details into this. It is by far the best book ever! We call it our "Miracle" book. We are so blessed to have our 5 miracles and are so thankful for all the friends that we have been connected to because of them.

Kathy and Joe came for the kids baptism. They have been counting down the days until everyone came. We really had a countdown chart! It has been such a fun month getting ready. 

Our new school had their Open House and Kathy and Joe were able to come with us. The kids met their new teachers. Annie will be in 1st grade and the big kids in 2nd grade. 

I had to post both pictures because some weren't smiling in the first but were in the second and vice versus. 

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