Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fun Pictures

Here are my catch up phone pictures.

Grandma sent Annie a card and new clothes for the big kids birthday. She was so happy! It's hard being the only one without a birthday on the same day. 

One of Jaileigh's new dresses from Grandma and Pops

The boys got their scout uniforms and books! They are so excited to finally be able to go to Cub Scouts!

Watching the Cubs game. This is what happens when mom won't let you eat dinner on the carpet during the Cubs game. You sit as close as you can without actually getting on the carpet. 

Go Cubs Go!

"Dad did you see that?!"

When we were in Chicago we toured Wrigley Field. When we were in the Cubs dugout, Bobby snapped a few pictures of the kids in the Cubs bathroom that's in the dugout. I'm pretty sure this was off limits. 

Jaileigh, Anthony and Jakob

Anthony pretending to use the urinal that Anthony Rizzo uses.



She makes the best faces!
When I show her the pictures later she gets so embarrassed. What a crack up!

The kids new school being built. Sadly. this year we have to go to a new school. Our transfers to our other school were denied and we are moving on. 

Trying to find church pants and shoes will be the death of me!

New haircut! The boys are getting pickier and pickier about how they want their hair. Every time I cut it I think it will be the last because the are requesting harder and harder cuts.

Michael watching his Cubbies. This jersey was worn 3 days in a row without a washing by the 3 boys. 

Jake told me that he had a BIG surprise for me. He was so excited and had the biggest grin spread across his face. He took my hand and walked me upstairs and into his room. He pointed to his beautiful new creation . . .

His picture is SCREWED into the wall with a large screw and the shirts are all hung nicely on large. large (possibly extra large) nails. 
I had to swallow my scream and plaster a huge smile on my face. I told him what a beautiful job he'd done and that I loved it, sealing the deal with a great big hug to hide the tears in my eyes.

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