Monday, August 15, 2016

First Day Of School

First day of school came way, way too early! I cry every school year because I don't want my babies to go back to school. I love it when they are home and I miss them so much. I was definitely in depression. The kids were excited to see friends. They are going to a new school this year so they are excited for that too.

My handsome little men!
Jakob, Michael and Anthony
2nd graders

My beautiful little ladies.
Annie and Jaileigh
1st and 2nd grade

Grandma took this cute picture!
I love Annie's pose.

I love this one too with the girls posing on the side.

Grandma and Grandpa were able to come with us on the first day of school. 
The kids were so so so excited!

The big kids all have Mrs Romine. They went in and sat down in their seats like big kids while mom stood in the hall and tried not to cry. 

Jakob and Michael

Jaileigh and Anthony and Michael

Annie has Mrs Forsyth. She is in there with 3 of her friends from her old school.

They had a great day of school! They said it was so much fun! Mom had a terrible day missing them. 

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