Thursday, August 25, 2016


Boom! Cubs Win! 8/24/16

Here are the rest of the pictures from the game.

This was warm up time. The kids were able to go down to the front for a close up view. There were a couple of times I was afraid they were going to be squished. They are on the very front. right in front of the tall #14.

The old guys were talking to the kids about their favorite players. I love Annie's face here.

The catchers and pitchers warming up.
Contreras is out there.

 Kyle Hendricks walking out to warm up.


Mike walked down to be with the kids.

Zobrist and Bryant walking out to warm up.

Addison Russell

Soler getting stretched.

Kris Bryant signing autographs.

The National Anthem

This little mans favorite player didn't play today and he cried and cried! It was so sad. He sat on my lap for a long time and then he went and sat on his daddy's lap. 

Javi Baez at 3rd, Addison Russell at short and Zobrist at 2nd. 

Soler in left field.


Heyward in right field.


Chapman pitching.

Cute pictures with dad.

Jakes happy! KB must have hit a home run.


The kids walked down to the front as people left. The game was a blow out!

Annie's hair is funny. Little Baez

Baez on 3rd.

Waiting for the ball girl to throw them a ball. She wasn't very nice because they had their Cub uniforms on.

That's Michaels glove there.

Look who got the ball.

Game over! Cubs win. Kids are waiting. . . . die hard fans.

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