Saturday, August 13, 2016

Baptism Day!

Baptism Day was one of the most amazing days ever! It's hard to believe that my little teeny tiny 28 week NICU babies are old enough to get baptized. I was so proud of all of them for making the decision to get baptized. I asked all of them if they wanted to and why they wanted to. Anthony was the only one that said he didn't want to. I asked him why and he said because he wanted to get baptized in Chicago like his dad. I told him that his dad didn't get baptized in Chicago, he got baptized in Las Vegas, and Heavenly Father didn't care where you got baptized He would be proud of you because you made the right decision. He finally agreed that it would be ok to be baptized in California.

I know these guys were more excited for their baptism then their birthdays. You can tell that they are just glowing!

Michael, Jakob, Anthony, Jaileigh and Daddy

and with mom.

I was really worried about the baptism because it was a stake one, meaning 15 wards at the same time. I play the piano occasionally for the stake baptisms and was really upset at how impersonal they were. We didn't get to pick who our speakers were, what music we wanted and we had to share our special day with other families. I fought the idea for a long time, even going as far as moving the baptism to Utah. We finally decided that it would be best to do it in our own ward, partly because Mike had family that needed a place to stay. 

It turned out to be an amazing experience. We had quite a few local friends (members and nonmembers) and family that came to support these little people. The talks were amazing! The music was amazing. The Spirit that was there was so strong and was felt by all. I was so thankful that Mike and I had listened to the Spirit and listened to our stake president when he asked us to be obedient. 

I thought that some of my feelings were because I was the mother but they were soon clarified when my visiting teacher and friend stopped by a couple of weeks after the baptism. She told me that it was the most spiritual and amazing baptism that she had ever attended. She started crying as she was telling me her experience that day. 

These 4 little tiny humans were definitely saved for these latter days. They are Heavenly Fathers strongest and most faithful warriors. I have no doubt of this. I feel so humbled that they were sent to me to raise and I pray morning, noon and night that I will be strong enough for them and I won't lead them astray. 

After the baptism we headed to our house for dinner. 

Our friends, Bill and Caroline were their sans spouses.

Our neighbors the Barossos were there. 


Sammy with the boys.

Jaileigh wanted in the picture too.

The CTR (choose the right) cake.

Joe with his main man, Anthony.

Kathy and Joe with the girls.

Bill with his two girlfriends.

Playing a game that the neighbors gave us. 

Annie was exhausted and a little overwhelmed!

Playing games.

Grandma and Pops were there, Dede was there, and Angie and Jim came. I did not do a very good job of taking pictures! Looking back I'm so mad I didn't get more pictures at the church, I should have taken pictures with my parents and with Kathy and Joe with all the kids. I will do better next time!

It was a beautiful day that will remain in our hearts forever!

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