Monday, August 1, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh and Jakob! 

Mike was able to come up last night to join us. He brought the cake up too. The kids were a little worried about their cake for breakfast and their presents! They quickly found the presents that I had tried to hide in the RV.

The Fab 4

Annie made sure she got everyone a gift.







The only thing they all asked for was Cubs shirts and a Cubs cake.
Jaileigh wanted Addison Russell
Jake- Kris Bryant
Anthony- Anthony Rizzo
Michael- Ben Zobrist
Annie loves Javy Baez

Jaileigh was disappointed that the cake didn't have any pink or purple on it.

Daddy is a softy and even got Annie a gift- a new shirt.

Cake time! It was chocolate cake with custard filling. Delicious! 
Mike picked it out and ordered it. He did a great job!

All of the kids got new baseball gloves so of course we had to go play catch.

Giant Pick Up Sticks

We spent the majority of the day fishing. The kids love to fish!

Michael took the rest of these fishing pictures. He really enjoys taking pictures. 

Roxy wasn't allowed near the pond so Mike and I took turns holding her on the side of the road. We did have one traumatic event with her. One of the kids brought their pole over by her and she tried to swallow the hot dog that was on the end of it. The hook got caught in her lip/snout. We had to work to get it out, thank goodness for a steady handed neighbor that came to help us. 

The CUBS game! 
Michael woke up that morning and told me he had a dream that the Cubs won their game 8-1, just for his birthday. The Cubs ended up winning 12-1. He knew it was just for his birthday.

We fished until after dinner. The campsite was having a movie and smores in the park. Jaileigh knew that that was just for her birthday too! 

Playing catch again.

The next morning we packed up early and headed home before it got to hot. It was a memorable and exciting trip!

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