Friday, February 26, 2016

Daddy Daughter Sock Hop

The Daddy Daughter Dance was February 26. I took the boys, including friend Jordan, for the night and Mike took the girls off to the dance. The boys played outside for awhile, played legos, ran around, got yelled at and finally decided they wanted to go rent a movie. We ran to Albertsons, stocked up on junk food and grabbed a movie. It was a pretty fun night with these gentlemen. I enjoyed listening to their "man talk".

Pictures from the girls Sock Hop. Jaileigh went as Sandy from Grease and Annie, last minute, decided she was not going as Frenchy. She wore her church dress. It turned out perfect thought, she matched all the decor. A huge thank you to Montse for taking pictures and sending them to me. 

Snack time.

Photo booth!

Zoom in and you can see Mike and Jaileigh dancing.

Jaileigh Annie and Daddy

You can see Mike and Jaileigh behind this guy in the front. 

Jaileigh right in the middle during her Sandy walk.

This were the pictures from the photographer at the dance. Sorry for the poor quality. I took a picture with my phone of a not great picture and it turned out really not great. 

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