Friday, February 5, 2016

100 Days!

The 100th day of school was on February 4th. Annie's class and the quads class both celebrated with various fun activities.I tried to get pictures of all my kids but I failed. Argh!

The 1st grade teachers all dressed up like 100 year old ladies. It was so cute!

Mrs Claeys, Mrs Constante, Mrs Zitter (Ms Happy!), Mrs Duarte, Mrs Whalen

Jaileigh with her friend Morrison

Another picture of Mrs Duarte.

Hahahaha, I think the hat was a little large.

Adalia and Michael with his elephant. He got to bring his elephant as a reward for good behavior. 

Our friend Kate and Joaquin

This was the only picture I got of Jakob and I didn't get one of Anthony.

Annie's class had so much fun too!

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