Saturday, January 2, 2016


I decided that we were going to have a nice and quiet New Year's Eve at home. Mike was out of town the day before and I was somewhat homebound so I had a lot of freetime to plan. I did a lot of googling and pinteresting New Year's Eve ideas for families. There were so many great ideas I had a hard time choosing.

Here was my idea list. We made it through a lot of them and the rest I promised the kids we would do later.

balloons, noisemakers, hats, masks, glasses, lots of food, ribs for dinner with yummy crusty bread, bubbly juice, plastic special glasses, glow sticks, Candy kisses for midnight kisses, sparklers, New Years I Spy search, New Year Hand and Footprint project, Traditions around the world- red suitcase, grapes, white clothes, red/yellow undies, black eyed peas, fireworks, pie with coin, Count Your Blessings- jar, Tic Tac Toe with paper plates, Fireworks in a jar, Dance Contest, Chocolate Fondue 

Prepare for picture overload!

The kids all picked their own clothes for there NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY!

Even Michael was happy about the dinner



Big Mike



Jaileigh's plate

I swear by the black dragons eye to be loyal and to never say die WASABI!
They kept saying that over and over and laughing hyterically.

Annie during her WASABI chant

Dance Party!

Fondue time! I found a great recipe that didn't require a fondue pot. The kids LOVED it!

That was the only look he would give me. no smile. 

We talked about different traditions that different countries have. In Greece they bake a "Kings pie" {which is really an almond floavored cake} and they bake an aluminum foil covered coin. Whoever finds it will have good luck and prosperity. 

The kids and I baked a pecan pie and I hid a coin in it. Annie found it! She let Jake open it. 

The winner!


Muscles Michael!





The boys

An interesting dance move.


The kids were really into taking pictures. 




She was so tired!


Anout 9 they hit a wall. We watched a ball drop on youtube because we couldn't find the real one. 

Poor Michael

Anthony and Daddy

hahahahah Annie was done!

We went upstairs and watched a short movie. Half of them fell asleep but they are pretty sure it was 2:30 before we all went to bed, hahahaha Somewhere it was 2:30! It was there best night because they got to stay up so late. 

Happy New Year's!

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