Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Fun

We were lucky enough to have our family come to our house this Thanksgiving. Bill and Gina were able to join us too. The meal was so delicious and the company was even better! Sadly I didn't get any pictures of it. We did get pictures of the archery session on Friday. Too much fun and so many kids!

Anthony got to go first since it was his bow.

Patiently waiting.



Good thing there was a little side entertainment.

Rori and Edward

A picture of some of our chickens.

Annie's turn.

Someone was passing gas in the line. 

My little brother, Andy

Annie bananie


Edward is a pro!

Crack the egg!

Grandpa Pops turn.


A little tether ball fun.

Mike explaining. 

I needed a little help pulling it back. 

a lot of help was needed!

Mike was yelling at me to shoot!

I didn't listen to the directions and couldn't remember how to shoot!

Man talk

One more time. Here we go. 

Not too bad. 

It hurt like nothing else! It hurt and throbbed for a full 24 hours after. I still have a deep tissue bruise a month later. 

Mike had the gall to ask if I had fun!


Tia wanted to go again.

Grandpa Pops jumping with the grandkids!

He is the best grandpa ever!