Friday, October 30, 2015

Jaileigh's Friend Party

Jaileigh got invited to her first sleepover birthday party.We let her go until 9 and then we picked her up. She had so much fun. They ate pizza, watched a movie, had a pillow fight, and just had a lot of girl fun.

Jaileigh with her friend Kylee.  

Pillow fight!

Watching the movie.

Opening the presents

Eating dinner and cupcakes. Jaileighs front tooth was so loose she couldn't eat right. She said she had to break her food into pieces and put it in her mouth. 

Another movie picture. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Boys Date Night

I get to help in the kids 1st grade class on Fridays. It is so fun to see them interact with their teacher. She is amazing with them! She doesn't get frustrated with their crazy antics and actually seems to enjoy them.Friday afternoons she does music with all the 1st grade classes.

Jaileigh got to help lead. 

Jakob playing and not paying attention at all. 


Michael wooing the ladies. 

On Saturday Jaileigh had a birthday party to go to. We dropped her off, left Annie at home with our friend Alyssa (Annie's choice) and took the boys to Chili's. It was great to spend time with just the boys. 




In the car.

See Michael's lovely snaggle tooth. 

It fell out the next day at a birthday party. 

Harvest Faire

Annie had a Harvest Faire for school. It was so different then when the big kids had it. I didn't volunteer to help so that Annie and I could hang out together, She didn't want to, she was too busy enjoying herself.

With her friends.

The cookie walk!

The rest of the pictures are stolen from Scenes and Creations. Thank you Kevin!

Annie Bananie

I got coerced into face painting for a bit. 

Annie and her best friend, Matthew.
She likes to give tight hugs!

Mrs Hall's class

All of the kindergarteners and all of the volunteers. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Forgotten Birthday Files

This was their happy birthday before the birthday pictures. We got the kids body boards for their birthday present. I took them to the beach a few days before their birthday.

Michael, Jaileigh, Anthony, Jakob and Annie


There they go!

Our friends Madyson and Kadence came to play too. 

Jaileigh and Annie

Jaileigh decided to roll down the hill.

There she does and Annie ran.

She was a mess.

The 3 boys go out.

2 are down.

Here comes Michael.

Jakob and Anthony are looking at each other thinking, "What just happened? Why did Michael catch that wave?"

Michael is excited!

The 3 boys.

Anthony and Michael

Anthony with the other two behind him,

Anthony and a friend that he made. 

Michael and Jakob

Annie just entertains herself. 

I love this series with Jakob

Hi Mom!

Our friend Logan came to play with us.