Thursday, August 27, 2015

7 Year Well Child Visits

I finally got around to scheduling the kids 7 year well child visits. I love that our doctor will work with me and schedule them all at the same time. Some doctors won't do that.
Michael getting weighed and measured.
Dr Pumphrey was floored at how healthy and strong and smart, etc they have become especially knowing their rocky beginning. We started out with little 1-2 pound 28 week babies and now have strong kids in the 50-70% (except little pipsqueak Jaileigh).
The boys are going to be around 6' and 175-185 pounds and Jaileigh will be around 5'5" and 105 pounds.
Dr Pumphrey recommended that I start using Selsun Blue on them. He said it gets rid of all kinds of childhood skin viruses and bacteria and helps with any dandruff they may get. It will also blend any skin discolorations from scars.  He said to use it as body wash and shampoo. Helpful hint for any of you that have weird skin things on your kids. It's perfectly safe for sensitive skin and even eczema.
He also recommended that I start them on Krill Oil to help with their brain development, allergies, hives and eczema, heartburn (Jake). I've yet to buy this since it is so expensive and the pills are huge! I'm doing a little online research to find smaller kid friendly pills.
He was very happy with them. Especially happy with Michael because he hasn't seen him in over a year. His asthma and allergies seem to be getting better and better. He was happy that Jaileigh seems to be in remission from her hives and is otherwise extremely healthy, and Anthony has stayed healthy. Jake is getting there. He has lost 4 pounds so he is just up 6 pounds from his steroid gain. He is feeling better about life now. He asthma has been in control, thank goodness! He caught a little cold from the first week of school and handled it like a champ! We stayed on top of his meds and used his flow chart. Whooo Hooooo!
I will post weights and heights when I find them. Somehow I misplaced them.
The most exciting part of the whole day was missing a morning of school. They loved it. They love going to the doctor and dentist but this just made it that much sweeter. Funny kids!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Baby Shower Time!

One ofmy best friends and one of my babies favorite "aunties" had a baby shower for her little one that will be coming soon. The girls and I had so much fun together. We made a day of it. First we went to a birthday party together and then we headed to Megha's shower. I think we left the house around 1 p.m. and didn't get home until 10p.m. The boys let us know that they had A LOT of fun without us and wanted to know when they could do it again.

Annie and Jaileigh
Playing games
Guess the baby food. So WRONG to do to a pregnant woman!
Another favorite "Auntie" - Karen!
The cake and cupcakes
Soon to be mom and dad
Mom and Dad with the grandmas.
Thanks for inviting us! We had a lot of fun.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Doctors. Doctors, Doctors.

Jake had his appointments with the allergy and asthma doctor and the ENT doctor, Thursday the week school started. I dropped the other kids of at school and then we left for RADY in San Diego. Mike had to pick the kids up because we weren't home.

The first doctor, Dr Michael Welch, was one of the best doctors I have ever met. He greeted Jakob, played the game that we were playing, teased him a little bit and made him feel very comfortable. Then he sat down and asked me Jakob's whole story. He listened, asked questions, took notes, asked Jakob questions. He was very thorough. He agreed with me that Jake didn't need to be allergy tested, he just has asthma. We came up with an action plan. He gave me an actual action plan on paper with different levels for Jake. Green, Yellow, Red and the care needed for each level. He checked out Jake's nasal cavity x-ray and didn't see anything on it. Thank goodness! He said his nose is deviated but he didn't see the chronic sinusitis that his pediatrician saw.

He got all his meds lined out and sent to the pharmacy. We will keep him on the QVAR 3 puffs at night (if RED we do 3 at night and 3 in the morning) and his rescue inhaler. We use Xopenex because it isn't as hard on the heart and thankfully our insurance covers it. Each doctor has conflicting thoughts about this though. He agrees that Jake needs to stay OFF the prednisone. A 10 pound gain over the summer is not ok with him. The weight will come off and he isn't overweight but he is not comfortable. We have a follow up in 6 weeks which really turned in to 8 or 9 weeks (OCT 29) because he is so booked.

We had a 2 hour break between the 2 appointments so we went shopping. We went to PETCO and looked at all the pets. He really., really wanted a cat to bring home. No can do sorry! We went to a few different stores and he picked out presents for everyone. The girls got fans from the Dollar Store and the boys got Star Wars sandwich boxes for their lunches.

The ENT appointment was the shortest appointment ever. She looked Jake over and said he was a perfectly healthy little boy. Healthy eyes, ears, throat, nose, lungs. She looked at the x-ray and said she didn't see any signs of inflammation. She did say that he has a congenital deviated nasal septum that will need to be surgically fixed when he is older, preferably closer to 16. If it is a problem for him it can be repaired as soon as 12. That was it. She said, "see you when it becomes a problem."

We headed home after that. Hooray!

Jake picked out 5 fans. 2 for his sisters, 2 for the neighbor girls and one for his "friend" Lilly at school that he REALLY missed! He chickened out and let Anthony give her the fan at school the next day. I can't help but laugh and shake my head wondering if this is how it is going to be for the next 15 years.

The girls with their fans.
The boys with their toothless grins.
My 3 beautiful boys.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Toothless & Toothless

Annie set up shop. She wrote a sign selling her tattoos that she got for her birthday. $.25 each or 4 for a $1 of all 15 for $2.
Jake finally wanted a haircut. I shaved his sides before I remembered to take this picture. I told him that was his new haircut. He laughed and thought it was funny but insisted I keep cutting it.
That day at school Anthony knocked his front tooth out. Somehow he hit it with his knee and it just fell out. He went to the nurse and she gave him a cute little tooth box.
At bedtime Jake decided he wanted his out, it had been dangling for a few days, so he had Mike pull it.
So the tooth fairy got to visit both boys
Toothless and toothless

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Are You Going To Do?!

The question of the year is, "so what are you going to do now that all your kids are in school?" bhahahahahaha I wish! I wish I could come home and nap all day, or read, or go get pedicures and manicures, or hang out with friends, or lounge at the pool and sip cold water and eat otter pops or watch mindless television. bhahahahha all I can do is laugh and shrug my shoulders.

Here is what I have done so far. I get 3 hours of freedom before I pick up Annie. Yippee! I have managed to be home one day since my kids have been back to school (for 2 weeks). My house is still a mess, I haven't managed to lounge by the pool, get a pedicure, read a book or hang out at the library all day. I have scheduled most of the appointments for my kids that I procrastinated doing during the summer, my yearly physical and blood work, and had a minor procedure done. I did get my hair done(!!), I volunteered in both classes at school, took my kids to said appointments and I did my visiting teaching.  I feel like my life is busier than ever. I hoping it will settle down once we take care of all the procrastinations.

I guess my answer is, play catch up on the last 7 years!

Annie's 6 month dentist visit. It was so nice to take one child to an appointment.
She was a little shy with all the attention on her.
Lathering on the lipstick with her nice clean teeth.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Welcome Back & Happy Birthday

On the first day of school Mike and I took the kids to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We went to welcome them back to school and to finally have their birthday dinner.

They rode the saddle together
Michael eating his ice cream birthday treat.
They even brought Annie her own bowl.
It was a fun dinner!

Monday, August 17, 2015

1st Day Of School!

1st Day of School came WAY, WAY too fast this year. I was not ready at all. Thank goodness I have a husband with a good head. He got all the school supplies for me, something that I hadn't even thought of. I ran out at naptime one day and grabbed the boys new shirts and that was about all the school shopping I did for them. We took the kids a couple weeks before school started to get new shoes. I was just not ready.

First day with their new shirts and the girls did have new clothes from Jaileigh's birthday.
Michael, Anthony, Jaileigh, Jakob and Annie
I can't stop laughing about Jaileigh's boots. She insisted on having these as her new school shoes. Also Jakes socks. Oh my goodness! Annie picked her own outfit and was so proud of it.
Michael with friend Adalia. He was a little nervous this year for some reason. The kids were not excited about going to school ALL day long.
There's a smile.
Jaileigh, Jake and Anthony
the kid in the orange broke his arm about 5 minutes after this picture.
Annie was so brave. I was so worried because she cried for the first month of preschool and then she was the class clown for the rest of the year. Everyday I picked her up I would get to hear how she "entertained" the class. When I walked her to her class she looked around at all the crying kids and said, "Mom why are those kids crying? It's so weird!" I almost laughed out loud. So far she is doing amazing. She is very serious about class and hasn't acted out, yet.
When I picked her up she was so excited about school. She has waited for 2 years for this and loves that she is finally able to go.

I gave she and Jaileigh special bracelets to wear so that they would remember that I love them and miss them but I will be at home waiting for them.
Mike and I took her to Panera for lunch. Spoiled little girl!
The big kids had a wonderfully fabulous day as well. The #1 LOVE they had was they had 3 recesses. Oh the excitement! I took them for ice cream and slurpees after school to celebrate and to cool off! 108 degrees is too hot for school!