Tuesday, June 30, 2015

On The Road Again

On Sunday, after being home for 2 whole days, we were on the road again. Back to Las Vegas, St, George, and then Park City.

One of the better investments, headphones. Not because it keeps noise to a minimum but because the kids think they are cool toys and are quiet while its their turn and behave so they get a turn.

As soon as we got to Vegas we ate and headed to the JW Marriott pool for some swimming!
It was so packed it was almost nasty!
We found a little area that wasn't crowded and took it over.
Michael started collecting cups.
Annie found a friend, Hannah. She was so cute with all my kids. She entertained them for hours. She was Joe's friends daughter.
Jake decided to set up a bowling game with all the cups.
We were there from 11-5. It was such a long but fun time! Joe and I were talking about how nice the weather was and how it felt so cool. We thought it was just in the low 90's. I got out my phone to check and it was 108! crazy! I guess the water keeps you cool.
Thanks Joe for entertaining and housing us!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hide And Seek

Every couple  of months our family is on church cleaning duty. After the church was cleaned these 4 and I played hide and seek, It is so much fun! Annie, Mike and Joe decided to run errands instead of playing with us,  They really missed out!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dance Recital!

Jaileigh's Recital was the best recital ever! I am usually just a proud supporter of my daughter(s) and then I get out of dodge as soon as their numbers are over. I sat through this whole recital enthralled! The costumes were beautiful and the dances were amazing! The classiness and talent was so impressive!

Jaileigh and Annie came with me. Jaileigh had to be there 30 minutes before the show started but her number wasn't until after intermission. The plan was to have the rest of the group show up at intermission so they wouldn't be tired of sitting.

Sweet sisters.
I asked Annie if she wanted to take dance next year. She said no but during the recital she changed her mind. She wants to take lyrical and ballet.
Jaileigh with her daddy.
Thank you so much for coming Dede! She was so excited to have people there for her.
Joe was there too!
And Kennedy her friend and Dede's granddaughter.

I had to take pictures of this dance for my boys. It was a Star Wars number. Geniusness!
Miss Jaileigh
We went to get ice cream after. It was so fun and yummy!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal time. I left Joe all alone to watch the boys. It was so fabulous not to have to drag all 5 kids everywhere. It was so nice of him to come home with us! He had to reschedule a couple of doctor appointments to do it. We really appreciate and love him!
Grandma gave the kids money for their kindergarten graduation. The boys all spent it on slingshots! Jaileigh bought sunglasses with her money. Annie spent her preschool graduation money long before our vacation on clothes!
Slingshot practice.
My little baby bumble bee!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Loving Las Vegas

Daddy had to go back to work early Monday morning. So, it was just the kids and I to be silly!

Our neighbors gave us a full bottle of Root Beer so I let the kids drink it with dinner. The only one that like it was Anthony and that is only because he likes everything that is naughty.
Playing dress up with my clothes.
Michael is so funny!
We went to the strip for a visit. This is the glass elevator at New York, New York
These 2 pictures cost me $5 and the guy was mad that was all I gave him. He and Iron man work for tips and wanted a bigger tip for having their picture taken.
The Twizzler Stature of Liberty
Playing in the arcade at Excalibur.
Michael wanted a picture taken here.
We bought sunglasses in the New York New York.
and ate Nathans Hot Dogs.
We stopped by the Bass Pro Shop again just to see if the mermaids were there. The kids picked out new recliners for Grandpa Pops.
A quick game of checkers.
Raccoon hat!
Watching the archery range. They really wanted to try it out.
Just a little warm.
Joe gets us in at the JW Marriott Swimming Pool. We LOVE it there!

The girls.
My two babies.

Joe is a great backrest.
Funny face!
Practicing for her recital.
After that LONG day the kids all but fell asleep at dinner.
They ate so much food I thought they were going to POP!
Poor Jake
Michael was miserably tired.
Cute selfie of Jaileigh
Our last day swimming in Vegas. They met a new friend, Louis.
He and Anthony were playing a game. He would push Anthony in the pool, he would help Anthony out of the pool and then Anthony would push him in the pool. Anthony tried to help Louis out of the pool too but he said, "I'm too big for you, I weigh 81 pounds!" Anthony came running over to me to ask how much he weighed. I laughed and told him he weighed 51 pounds with all of his clothes and shoes on. He ran back to Louis and said, "I weigh 51 pounds so I can help you out!"
Joe fed us our last dinner at the buffet. The kids ran to get him in the Sports Book. They all wanted to stay to watch the games on all the TVs.
We checked out early Thursday morning so that we could make it back in time for Jaileigh's practice rehearsal. We had a big surprise too! Joe came home with us. It was so nice to have him come with us!