Monday, July 27, 2015

Jakeroni My Little Pepperoni

My little Jakeroni! He has had a rough summer. It all started in Las Vegas for our anniversary trip. He was sick with asthma symptoms. Took him to urgent care when we got home and they diagnosed him with asthma, put him on a round of prednisolone. We packed and headed for Utah 2 days later. Get to Park City and he finishes his prednisolone and BAM he's struggling again. July 3, he and I spend the night in the ER. Thank goodness my cousin Christy was working. He was given a breathing treatment, large dose of prednisone, chest x-ray and sent home with another round of prednisolone (Round 2). After many, many sleepless nights for he and I, we finally get some sleep! We finished our trip in Park City, traveled to St. George to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for a while and BAM, round 2 ends and he is sick again. I take him to Urgent/Insta Care there. Text my pediatrician he requests that he is put on an antibiotic, as well as another round of prednisolone (Round 3).

We make it home and have an appointment that day. Dr Pumphrey asked some questions, looked him over and said," I think he has broken his nose at some point, and I think he has a sinus infection but I can't tell because of his nose." He puts Jake on another round of prednisolone (Round 4), keeps him on the antibiotic, adds singulair and Advair to his daily routine as well as a nose spray.  He sends us for blood work to check for allergies, a sinus cavity x-ray, also sends us to an asthma/allergy doctor, and an ENT for the nose.

We get the blood work done and no allergies show up. We get the x-ray done and he is diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. Dr Pumphrey prescribes him an antibiotic and tells me to put him on it if I see any symptom of asthma. He said the sinusitis is manifesting as asthma. No that we have been home for a couple of weeks and know what is going on I have him off of everything but the nose spray. He gained 10 pounds on the prednisone and is so bloated. He feels yucky because of it BUT he is breathing better and no more asthma episodes. The doctor promised the weight would fall off of him and he would start to feel better.

He sees the allergy/asthma specialist and ENT on August 20. Both appointments are in San Diego at RADY. The Murrieta office was booked until September.

This kid likes to throw us for loops and keep us on our toes! We still love him and feel so blessed to have him. He scares the living day lights out of me and makes sure that we meet our deductible and out of pocket every year!

At one of our many appointments.

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