Friday, July 17, 2015

Pine Valley With Grandma

The kids and I went to Pine Valley with Grandma. Mike went back to California the morning after we got back from Park City because he had to work. My dad drove his trailer to the mountains for Andy and his family. It's a little ridiculous that with only 3 kids in our family, none of us are able to schedule our vacations so that we can see each other. Maybe with 10 kids the chances would be better at seeing your siblings?

Jake loves Taylor!
Michael taking pictures on my phone.
Grandma and I built a fire in the fire pits and we cooked smores and hot dogs. We ate and then went on a little hike.
The kids with Grandma.

One with mom.
We're going on a bear hunt, gonna catch a big one. . .

Jake and Jaileigh sitting in a cow bed. There were cattle grazing on the mountain. The kids kept trying to catch them.
Playing in the little stream.

We found this cool "fort" made out of tree branches.
They played imaginary play forever!
After we played forever grandma took us for dinner at the Brandin Iron. It was so delicious!

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