Monday, July 20, 2015

More Of Our Couch Week

More of our week of adventures.

Our suburban finally is close to hitting the dust and we are also out an RV so Mike has been busy searching for new ones with the limited money we have. He has to be pretty crafty as to where he looks and has been all over Southern California and Las Vegas. Poor guy! One Saturday he drove somewhere far away to look at a car and then remembered he had to do a move before he came home. About an hour later Mike called me and asked me to come help him, with the kids. We went and helped and thankfully more people came. The kids LOVED it! During the move it was raining, we were soaked. Before we left I let the kids play in the water.

Their friend, Bailey running with them.
Michael and Anthony
another day playing in the hose and having a fire to roast s'mores and hot dogs in.
Michael passed out in the car, after I unbuckled his seat belt.
Jakob FINALLY lost his first tooth!
He is the last of the quaddies to lose one. I actually had to pull it for him. It was dangling by a thread.
Watching Camp Rock
Annie wants to be a rock star!
We finally invested in a popcorn popper.
We went to get a slurpee and they HAD to have the cool straw that goes with it.
Mom! Look I have boobies!

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