Saturday, July 18, 2015

Last Days In Utah

The last few days of our vacation are just a blur. We swam, played, ate, played, swam, walked and had loads of fun.
The girls and I took Taylor for a walk while Grandpa Pops took the boys on an errand in his truck.
Sitting on the bench for a quick picture.
At the end of our walk, we met a couple that had 17 month old triplet boys and 3 month twin girls. I was so excited to talk to them. Now that my kids are so much easier I can look back when they were younger and feel excitement for the new parents. I'm now the stalkerish overbearing question asker that I always avoided when we went out in public.  They were so nice! I was so impressed that they were out exercising! I told her I sat in my house, in yoga pants in a fog for the first 4 years.
 My big cheeser Annie.
We went to the pool with Grandpa later.
Michael's animal pyramid that he needed a picture of.
Watching some boob tube with Grandpa Pops
With his favorite puppy on his lap.
Monday he earned another trip to the urgent care. Poor kid! I texted his pediatrician at home updating him on what was going on. He was having trouble breathing despite breathing treatments. No fever, no signs of congestions or infection. He was put on an antibiotic and another round of steroids. Round 3 of steroids for this poor kid!
That evening we went to he pool again with Andy and his family.

My little Annie baby.

My kids LOVE babies! They had so much fun with Baby Maze.
He was done! No more pictures!

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