Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Last Day In Park City

Our last full day in Park City we went to Smith and Morehouse again. While we were up there we ate hot dogs and smores, hiked around a little, and I got into something that made both my eyes swell shut.

Roasting hotdogs and smores on our homemade sticks.
Is that good Jake?
Mom with all the kids.
First eye.
Going for a little walk.
Anthony. Michael. Jakob. Annie. Jaileigh.
Michael and Jaileigh
Annie with her stick. By the time we got home to California, my suburban was full of sticks and rocks that were "favorites" and couldn't be left behind. We have quite the collection.
Hiding in the trees.
After we got back from Smith and Morehouse we went to my Aunt Linda's to visit and play. The kids loved her back yard and toy room. She let them fill their pockets with little toys to take home and they were so excited!
Later that day we went to visit Rori in Salt Lake. We ate Cafe Rio and then yummy ice cream from the ice cream shop.
Here is my picture with both eyes swollen. Pretty scary.
Eating yummy, yummy ice cream!
Cute little Michael waiting on his second dinner that night.

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