Monday, July 6, 2015

Horseback Riding

I was able to go on a horseback ride with Julie one morning. It was so much fun. We used to go on them before I was married. I've missed them! I was so happy to get to go this trip. It was so beautiful and so peaceful and so nice not having to worry about the kids. Mike stayed at the condo and watched them. They walked to Starbucks for breakfast and explored park city on foot a little bit.

This was a cow skull propped up in a tree in the middle of nowhere. I had to take a picture for my boys.
Julie and I

The kids hanging out.
The condo had barstools that the kids made into horses. Here is Jake riding his horse.
That night Jake was in the ER. Thank goodness my cousin was working. She got us right in and taken care of. He was having asthma problems. They gave him a breathing treatment, put him on steroids (again), took an x-ray of his lungs, gave him a popsicle and sent us home at 2 am.
He doesn't like his picture taken.
He was recently diagnosed with asthma (June 28) when I had to take him to the urgent care. The hard part is we can't figure out what his triggers are. If you are counting, this is his 3rd ER/DR visit in 2 weeks.
Jaileigh taking a selfie with her new necklace.
A favorite hangout- the window sills.

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