Thursday, July 9, 2015

Heber City Park & Church

We went to church with my Aunt Brenda and Uncle Emery. I packed church clothes for the girls and I but forgot for all of the boys. We looked a little disheveled but it worked. After church we went for a drive down to Heber. We were hoping the Dairy Keen was open but since it was Sunday it was closed. We played in the Heber Park. It had turf! We didn't like it because it was so hot. It was beautiful though.
Jake golfing with a stick.
Daddy spinning Michael in the spinning flower.
Sweet Jaileigh
Get rid of these shoes!
Michael and Anthony
The spinning thing!
Annie got put in time out.
I didn't do it! I promise I'll be nice.
Annie getting brave and standing on the top.
My boys lost their shirts at this point.
A few random kids hopped on too. Our kids attract other kids. It's kind of funny.

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