Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy, Happy Birthday Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh and Jakob!

I can't believe it's been 7 years! It still seems like yesterday that I was being prepped for my C-section with my family sitting around using wheelchairs for chairs. These little special heavenly beings have changed so many lives. Mike and I are so grateful that our Heavenly Father has entrusted us with these latter day warriors. Someone shared with me the other day that these little ones that are coming down in these last days will serve as the Captains in Heavenly Fathers armies. I truly believe that and I am so humbled to have been given them as my children. I feel so blessed.

With all mushiness aside now, Happy Birthday Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh and Jakob! We started celebrating a day early this year. Yesterday they received a present, new body boards for the ocean. We went to the beach with some friends and had a blast. That evening we planned a surprise cake eating party for them. Mike took them for dinner and when they got home they were surprised by their friends hiding in the house. In Jaileigh's words, "It was the best birthday ever Mom!" (even though it wasn't even the birthday yet)

I asked one of my former students to make their birthday cakes. I let them look at cakes on google and they each picked out what they wanted, I sent her a picture and she made it. She is so amazing! Thank you so much Sky!

All pictures are from Scenes and Creations. Kevin is so kind to record everything for us! We are so grateful for their family! Thank you so much!

Jaileigh's princess cake.
Anthony's cowboy cake complete with gun, bullets and sheriff star.
Jake's surfer cake.
Michael asked for a quidditch cake from Harry Potter.
Right after their big SURPRISE!
DAD! You tricked us! They thought dad planned the whole thing. hahaha
Singing time.
The whole family.
The whole party!
Friends Leslly and Adira
Michael and Michael
Playing in the front yard. I don't know how I got talked into playing too.
Michael and Sammy
Jaileigh and Katie
All together 1-2-3
The girls- Jaileigh, Katie and Annie
Such good friends we have!
Annie wanted a picture with the 5 year olds.
She and Matthew.
Sweet girls!
Jaileigh, Annie and Katie
Daddy and his boys!
Happy Birthday sweet babies!
Thank you to everyone who came and made their day special! They were so excited, as you all saw!

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