Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cove Fort, UT

On our way to Grandma and Grandpas house in St. George we stopped in Cove Fort. It was so much fun and a much needed break. I would highly recommend it to anyone! We had a really cute tour guide that kept my kids attention and entertained with great stories.

We watched a short video about the pioneers that first settled Cove Fort.
The fort has been restored to look like it originally did.
The tables were all made of pine wood, which isn't very pretty, so the pioneers used ox blood to paint it. It was really pretty despite the gruesome paint.
This cradle could be flipped over to be a bench once the baby was too big to use it for a bed.
President Hinckley grandfather, Ira Hinckley was one of the first settlers.
Our tour guide told the neatest story about this quilt. She pointed out that it was different than other quilts because it didn't all match. She said there are people in the world that are put together differently but they are still beautiful. She told about how she grew up dyslexic and was put together differently but she was still able to learn just in a different way.
An old fashioned lift.
The garden and the storage shed. They have over 2 acres of garden that they grow and then give to people in need.
The ox lift. Oxen can't stand on 3 legs so they had to invent this lift to shoe the ox.

The barn was enormous!
Playing hoops
Annie was actually really good at it.
Pictures in the wagon.

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