Monday, July 13, 2015


Brenda fed us dinner again on Monday after we got down from Smith and Morehouse. I was able to see my cousin Shirlee again after 7 years! The last time Mike and I saw her was in December of 2008 when she and Matt came to help with our new babies. We will forever remember their service! Not only did they help with our babies, cooking, cleaning (Matt is an amazing chef), laundry but they took our fur babies. Mike and I were in dire need of someone to take our pets Wrigley and Maddox. We just couldn't tare care of them and they were being sorely neglected. Shirlee talked her mom, Brenda, in to taking them for us. It was a huge BURDEN lifted from our hearts.

Jaileigh swinging on the rope swing. They really figured out how to do it.
Julie stopped by and brought Grandma Shirley.
Yummy food!
They met their cousins Bodie and Iris
Pushing Jake in the tire swing.
Jaileigh taking my picture.
Mike gave Iris a push in the tire swing and she did NOT like it!
After we went to Julie's house to tell her goodbye. She worked the next two days and we were leaving. Thank you again for such a great time!

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