Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Celebration Has Begun!

The celebrating has begun!

On the 28th of July we began celebrating the fabulous foursomes birthday! They asked for body boards for their birthday so that is what they got. We had a little surprise planned for their real birthday so I just had to take them to the beach a day early!

They always love to play in the sand.
The waves were crazy!
Our friends came with us.
Madyson, Kadence, and Logan were there with their moms.
Madyson with a random baby.
Michael and Anthony
The cute girlies.
That's Anthony!
Michael and Anthony
Annie and Madyson
This series is Anthony and Michael.
There goes Annie.
Most adorable surfer girl out there.

Let me tell you why there aren't any pictures of Jake on his board, because he wanders. I spent 25% of my time looking for him and steaming mad. He gets on his board and follows the waves. He pays attention to where we are but doesn't feel the need to stay close. He is quite the kid. If there is a picture of him, it's because he is in time out for disappearing.
Jaileigh got buried. She had sand coming out of her nose and ears for days.

Happy Birthday babies!
We had to leave the beach early because I had to drive to Redlands to pick up their birthday cakes. Here's the breakdown; drove an hour to Moonlight Beach, took 1 hour 20 minutes to get home, dropped off boys, drove to Redlands 45 minutes, drove home 45 minutes, surface cleaned house and set up surprise #2 that you have probably already read in the next post.

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