Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4th of July & Family

After our naps we went to my Aunt Brenda's house for a BBQ. My kids absolutely love playing in her yard. They played for hours and never fought, never cried; just had a blast.

I even tried the rope swing. It hurt my feet!
Someone is in the tree house!
I love this sequence of pictures.
Annie is ducking
because Michael is flying over her.
Jakob's grubby hand. These moths were everywhere.
Anthony and Jakob
Michael's telling a fish story!
They were so good to push each other.
Annie in the tire swing.
Annie eating a little grub.
More cousins came!
My mom and her sisters-
Nancy, Julie, Mitzi
Linda, Brenda
Nancy and one of her twins, Ethan.
Linda and Autumn
My beautiful sister and I
My hubby and I
My cousin pushed the kids for about an hour! They had to have been so tired!
Waiting in line to be pushed by Christan.
My cousins baby was so adorable! I wanted to take him home with me.
My cousin Christy with her baby, Zane.
and her mom, Linda.
My cousin Adam with his wife, Inga.
Zane with his buddies.
I love this picture of my mom and her sister. She is giving me the famous stink eye!
Nancy and Thomas, her other twin.
Waiting in line still.
My cousin Stevie and her hubby, Mike.
My hubby and I talking with Inga. I love talking to her! She is from Australia so not only is she so fun to talk to, she sounds awesome too.
Sisters are so fun!
My uncle Emery and his son, Ian.
Autumn loves Rori!
Isn't she beautiful!
Inga's baby, Scout.
Zane playing with his cousin, Ella.
Bye Grandma!
Michael still going strong.
We were those relatives that show up 30 minutes before the party starts and leaves 30 minutes after everyone has gone. I couldn't get my kids off the trampoline even after it started raining.
Silly Anthony
It was so fun to see all the family! Thank you Brenda for hosting!

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