Thursday, April 30, 2015

Saturday Yard Play

This year I've tried to expand our little family garden. I moved it to a cooler spot in the yard and I'm hoping we get more produce.

Jaileigh posing for me.
Beautiful roses.
Our 1st blueberries this year.
Each Halloween we save one pumpkin for the backyard. The kids move it to the back yard and as it slowly decays they spread it around, the seeds get buried and in the spring we have pumpkin plants growing all over.  
Playing with the bubbles left over from the tea party.
Our little teeny tomato plant just for Mike since no one else likes tomatoes.
Jaileigh having an ongoing tea party.
Pretty in pink Princess Annie
Silly Michael
He RAN into the door! It was so funny. He came running toward the house and ran right into the glass door, he bounced off and landed on his fanny. Mike and I about died laughing.
He was laughing too.
Another impromptu tea party. Annie kept yelling at Mike and I "Butler, butler, I need . . . ."
Slowly all the kids joined in the tea party.
Jake held out until the last minute. He enjoys playing outside way more than joining in the crowd.

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