Tuesday, June 30, 2015

On The Road Again

On Sunday, after being home for 2 whole days, we were on the road again. Back to Las Vegas, St, George, and then Park City.

One of the better investments, headphones. Not because it keeps noise to a minimum but because the kids think they are cool toys and are quiet while its their turn and behave so they get a turn.

As soon as we got to Vegas we ate and headed to the JW Marriott pool for some swimming!
It was so packed it was almost nasty!
We found a little area that wasn't crowded and took it over.
Michael started collecting cups.
Annie found a friend, Hannah. She was so cute with all my kids. She entertained them for hours. She was Joe's friends daughter.
Jake decided to set up a bowling game with all the cups.
We were there from 11-5. It was such a long but fun time! Joe and I were talking about how nice the weather was and how it felt so cool. We thought it was just in the low 90's. I got out my phone to check and it was 108! crazy! I guess the water keeps you cool.
Thanks Joe for entertaining and housing us!

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