Monday, June 22, 2015

Las Vegas Fun!

Las Vegas Time! My mom and dad drove up from Utah to babysit the kids Friday night so Mike and I could go out on a date.

We went to our favorite restaurant Nora's. We have many memories from our time in Vegas at Nora's. It was so fun to go back. I ordered the Sea Bass. Very interesting dish. It was delicious but I don't think that I would ever order it again.

Thanks Mom and Dad!! The kids had soooooo much fun!
Annie thinks she needs to take over the bed.
Poor Jake!
Mike fell asleep one afternoon sitting straight up!
 We swam and swam and swam everyday!
Uncle Joe even came and swam everyday.
Jaileigh and this boy became fast friends. It was so cute.
Someone that was leaving gave the kids this raft. They had so much fun playing on it.
Cute girls.

I can't remember what they were playing here. Checkers maybe?
I love Jake's laugh here. Annie-Bananie
We went to see the mermaids at the Silverton Casino/Bass Pro Shop. Sadly they weren't swimming because of water maintenance but they were very friendly and let us take pictures.

The kids had quite the discussion on whether they were real or not.
A sturgeon fish. It was huge! At least 6 feet long.
Practicing shooting.
This was a real stuffed giraffe with Anthony.
The lion camp with all my little lions.
 More swimming.
Annie on the raft.
Anthony playing in the dirty towel bucket. Gross!
It was cold!
Jaileigh with Joe and Daddy
Jaileigh and Joe
Silly faces.
Eating popsicles.

On Father's Day we ate at the Black Bear Diner. Delicious! This was another of our eating spots when we lived in Vegas.
Jaileigh and Michael
The whole gang.
We also went to Grandma and Grandpas on Father's Day. It was so nice to spend the afternoon and evening with them.
Grandma reading stories to her little grandbabies.

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