Tuesday, June 9, 2015

~Kindergarten Promotion~

The kids Kindergarten Promotion was so cute. They have been practicing for it the last 6 weeks and they were so excited. They were asked to dress nicely. Nice dresses and ties were recommended. We let Annie miss the beginning of preschool to come.

The whole year Mrs Hall and her volunteers have been working on books for the kids. She put them on their desks the day of the promotion. The kids all signed the backs of each others and then they looked at them. They loved them. She had writing and drawing samples from the first day of school, throughout the school year all the way to the end. 1000s of pictures were taken and printed and glued in. They were the neatest books I've seen!

Jake and Annie looking at his book.
Jaileigh playing school.
Adalia, our other sister.
Annie and Michael
I was trying to get a picture of my kids but all the kids wanted to be in the picture.
More and more kept coming.
Before she knew it, Mrs. Halls whole class was outside with me. She came out and made them come back inside.
My big graduates.
Anthony, Michael, Annie, Jakob, Jaileigh
The moms helped put the hats and banners on.
Gianna wanted a picture with Jakob.
He didn't want one.
Logan and Michael
Graduation time!
Jaileigh, Michael and Anthony
Singing their cute songs.
The kids were all called up individually by name, promoted to 1st grade, handed a certificate and then they were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up.
Anthony- in the army
Michael- a zookeeper
Jaileigh- a dancer
Jakob- a construction worker
The best one was a little kid that said a cheese factory worker!
Family picture after.
Picture with friend Lizette.
The boys took their ties and shirts off as soon as they got out of school!
Cute picture that Lizettes mom sent me. I told her mom that I told my boys that one of them better marry Lizette! She is the sweetest thing!
Pictures from the amazing Kevin Lee @ Scenes and Creations!

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