Tuesday, June 2, 2015

*Happy Birthday Andy*

My brother is the most amazing brother ever and not because he is my only brother! He used to be this little, tiny, weak, mean, sickly, annoying brother and now he is this amazing, HUGE, strong, funny, physical and spiritual giant! I am so proud of him.

I remember when he was little all he ever wanted to do was play football. My grandma asked him what he was going to do after he played football, for a career. He was so confused because football was going to be his career. There was not a question in his mind that he was going to be successful. He has been successful in everything he has done. He has experienced so much in his short few years. He is an extraordinary man who is as humble as they come. He will not tell you one word of his successes and if you try to praise him he shifts the praise to others. He is such a great example and hero to my kids and all the youth that are lucky enough to work with him.

He was just promoted to Head Coach at the high school he teaches at. Now he will be able to touch even more lives as he does what he loves.

He is the best father to his children. Every time I see him he has his baby in his arms and 2 others following him like ducklings. His kids absolutely adore their daddy. He cooks, cleans, baths, puts to bed, feeds, and nurtures his little ones. Kids have always flocked to him like little sheep. He has a good soul and spirit and kids sense that.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and wish you many, many years full of happiness and joy! Love you!

Here's a look over the past couple of years.

The Jeremy Shockey look. I have to say, Andy is quite a bit better looking than Jeremy.
Training with the New England Patriots
Official NFL photo
He is a big, giant, goofy teddy bear!




After the State Championship Win!
Happy Birthday Andy!
Love You

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