Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dance Recital!

Jaileigh's Recital was the best recital ever! I am usually just a proud supporter of my daughter(s) and then I get out of dodge as soon as their numbers are over. I sat through this whole recital enthralled! The costumes were beautiful and the dances were amazing! The classiness and talent was so impressive!

Jaileigh and Annie came with me. Jaileigh had to be there 30 minutes before the show started but her number wasn't until after intermission. The plan was to have the rest of the group show up at intermission so they wouldn't be tired of sitting.

Sweet sisters.
I asked Annie if she wanted to take dance next year. She said no but during the recital she changed her mind. She wants to take lyrical and ballet.
Jaileigh with her daddy.
Thank you so much for coming Dede! She was so excited to have people there for her.
Joe was there too!
And Kennedy her friend and Dede's granddaughter.

I had to take pictures of this dance for my boys. It was a Star Wars number. Geniusness!
Miss Jaileigh
We went to get ice cream after. It was so fun and yummy!

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