Thursday, June 11, 2015

Box Children & Box Trolls

Since the girls got a Princess Tea Party, I was going to throw the boys a Nighttime Drive In. I saw this cute idea on Facebook months ago and have been thinking about doing it since. As the end of the year drew closer and closer my schedule became fuller and fuller. Before I knew it the last week of school was here. I whipped up some invitations and at the last minute I gave them to the whole kindergarten class plus a few of our TK friends from last year. The boys were so mad at me and didn't forgive me until the day of the party when everyone arrived. They forgot it was supposed to be a boy party and just had a blast.

This was the easiest party I have ever thrown! No decorating and minimal prep. I had all attending bring a snack to share. I provided the popcorn and the drinks. I went to Smart and Final and got a 3.5 lb bag of popcorn and a case of microwave popcorn for back up. I borrowed my friends fun novelty movie theatre popcorn stand and made a few batches in it. Another friend that works at Walmart saved large boxes for me. I went to Michaels and bought some construction paper and used my 50% off coupon. Since I have 5 young children I have a ton of scissors, glue, decorative tape, crayons and markers. I got it all out and put it on a long table. That was the majority of the work I did. When the kids came I threw the boxes on the drive way and told them to make a box car. They went crazy!
We showed Boxtrolls which I thought was fitting for our Box Cars. We projected in the garage. Our driveway and lawn was filled with little box children and their families. Definitely a memorable graduation party!
I have a few yucky pictures from the party and a few stolen ones from Facebook.
My neighbor, Susie made Snow Cones for the kids.
Mike had to take Jaileigh to ballet so he was gone the first 1.5 hours. Our friend Jeff was so nice to help all of my boys out plus his boy.
Lizette really was happy to be there.
Our neighbor Brionny came over too.
Sweet Katie.
Annie with Lizette and Dougie
Kevin, Katies dad and the photographer that always takes amazing photos!
Michael is explaining all the ins and outs of his car.
Logan with his dad.
Facebook steal but it was too cute to resist.
Getting the movie started.
Makayla all cozied up.

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