Thursday, May 28, 2015

Preschool Graduation 2015

Congratulations Annie Grace!

She graduated from preschool. It was a little touch and go on whether she would graduate or not, she certainly gave her teacher a run for her money this year. She can be quite sassy when she is comfortable and she must have really felt comfortable with her teacher.

Some of the pictures are blurry! My camera is acting up again and the lighting was terrible.

She is a little mother hen. She loves the younger kids in her class and always takes care of them.

Saying the pledge of allegiance.
She was front and center and not shy about it at all. She knew the words to all the songs and belted them out.
The fishy ishy song.

Getting her graduation certificate which was really a blank piece of paper. Annie explained that her real paper was in her book.
Finally a semi good picture, I had to cut the other kids out though.

It was the cutest graduation. The songs and speaking parts were adorable! Dede, Mike and I laughed the whole time! I have it all recorded so we can show it to her when she graduates high school!
With her good friend Ella.
Her teacher made this adorable and delicious cake.
Michael being a monkey.
My Jakeroni who won't let me cut my hair.
Princess Jaileigh
The boys.
Ms Darcy made them each a memory alphabet book. It is the cutest book and has pictures of all of the kids in it. She has been the best teacher! We are really going to miss her next year.
Ms Darcy and Annie

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