Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Tea Party

The whole kindergarten department through a Mother's Day Tea Party for the students and their Mother's for Mother's Day. It was so much fun. The kids sang Mother's Day Songs, and then we enjoyed the tea party. There was a hand massage table, make up table, refreshments, nail painting station, card making, bracelet making, hat making and pictures.

Jaileigh with some of her class.
Michael and Anthony
A cute smile from Michael
These 3 got separated.  I don't know why?
Each child needed someone to be their mother or grandmother. Dede came with Michael, Gina came with Jaileigh, Caroline came with Jakob, Bill came to entertain Annie and Anthony was my little buddy.
Dede and Michael
Jakob and Caroline making bracelets.
Gina and Jaileigh making hats.
Anthony and I made this cool hat.
Anthony did an amazing job painting my nails.
Jaileigh and her hat.
Jaileigh and Gina with their hats and bracelets.
Michael and Dede
Anthony did my make up!

Bill let Jaileigh sweet talk him into painting his nails! At least she chose a manly color, blue. It matched perfectly with his work uniform!

Michael found the chocolate fountain!
Another parent sent me these pictures of Michael in the fountain. She was laughing because he was loving it so much.

Anthony making me a card.
The make up table.
Annie loved the make up table!
Jakob took care of Annie.
Caroline and Jaileigh
They liked the big looking glass.
They got to use the microphone to read their cards.
Jakob went again with another card.
Caroline helping Jakob
Jaileigh's turn.
Jaileigh helping her friend, Adalia.
Group photo.
Bill and his girlfriends.
Poor Gina and to go get their car and drove alone to our house.
My nail job.

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