Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lunch Date

When I used to work, I taught school at San Gorgonia High School in San Bernardino. I taught with Ms Rosa, Ms Kapadia, Mr Williams, and Ms Lainez in a "college". We had the same 150 kids that rotated between us. It was amazing! The kids loved it as well as the teachers. We were able to stay on top of the kids. One of us had good rapport with each student so we were able to determine how to best help each student. Our tight group has slowly moved in different directions. Mr Williams and I retired, Ms Rosa and Kapadia moved schools and finally the last man down, Ms Lainez is moving on. She isn't staying local though she is moving to Northern California. We met for lunch for one last

Here are the pictures I got. My kids in front of my old school. How sad is that? I can't believe we didn't take a picture of all of us teachers.

Michael said this school was the dirtiest school he has ever seen and he hopes he never has to go there. hahahaha. Funny kid.

When we got home from our little trip to the SB Annie had a package from Grandma.her birthday and graduation presents. She LOVES getting mail, especially boxes. She checks the mail all the time, several times a day to see if there is anything in the mail for her.
New dress, new purse, money, candy, new shoes! Oh Joy! Thank you grandma and grandpa!

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