Thursday, May 14, 2015


Jake and I got to have some semi-alone time one day. The other 3 big kids stayed after school for study time. He got to come with Annie and I for an hour. We made the most of our time. We stopped at the gas station got a Icee, rented a movie, went to Jack In The Box for lunch, ran into Ralphs to get fruit, stopped at the store so he could pick out a toy. He ended up picking out shirts for all of his brothers and forgot himself. I had to remind him. He is the sweetest kid!
After we picked the kids up they had to play at the school for awhile with their friend, Logan. The kids love playing in the school yard. I cannot get home within a reasonable time after school because they have to climb the trees, play in the mud, play tag, do gymnastics or whatever else they can think of to postpone going home.

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