Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Best Of Friends

My friends, Marci and Corey drove down from Colorado for spring break. I haven't seen Corey since before I got married, I think. Marci I saw when the kids were about 9 months old. I was so excited to see them and to meet their beautiful kids. We met at the Children's Museum so our kids could run around while we visited.

Anthony fixing a car. Maybe he will be a mechanic.
Jaileigh and Michael
We went to Iceberg for lunch and then I had to take Anthony to the dentist. After the dentist we met them again at the Vernon Worthen Park.
Corey playing catch with the kids.
Addie is entertaining my kids.
Hudson, Max and Corey
We had to have a group photo. I did not want to leave but I had to drive home that night. I had pulled the kids out of school for two days and I needed to get them back. I was so sad to say goodbye!
Annie, Anthony, Norah, Michael, Addie (standing), Jaileigh, Jakob, Hudson, Max
Marci and I with our little ones.
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