Tuesday, April 7, 2015

RV PROJECT From You Know Where!

When I took the kids to Pio Pico the last time I discovered that the RV had been leaking. The bedding and mattresses in the back room of the RV were moldy and wet. I cleaned up as best as I could while we were there and we just used the front part of the RV.  When we got home Mike and I ripped out the walls and found wood rot. What began as a fix it project became a remodel project.  It has taken us months to complete! I feel like I have been painting non stop and getting nowhere! It is now April almost May and I'm still not finished. The bathroom still needs painted and the flooring is still ripped out.   Some of the curtains still need to be hung. We need to apply a UV protectant layer on all the windows and to top it off, one of the windows still leaks. This may be a project that never gets finished until the kids are out of the house!  Despite all the things that still need to be done, the RV is usable and looks so much better than it did before.

These are the only pictures of the RV that I can find. You can see how dark the wood was and gross the walls and blinds were.

Most of the walls had pieces of wallpaper, all different kinds, or it had been stripped of the wallpaper and was bare.

Cabinet color on top left of this picture.
I painted everything white, the walls are blue and I hung black-blackout curtains. It definitely looks cleaner and that makes me happier!

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