Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Project #9957

This is what our upstairs loft wall looked like. I was fine with it but as the number of books in our house grew and the bookshelves became fuller and fuller I really wanted a bookshelf wall. I wanted to build bookcases to put on either side of the TV. I have been looking on pinterest since we moved here in 2012. Anyway, I mentioned this to Mike one dad and he got busy right away. He called a friend of his and guess what . . . .
This happened!



Our friend worked with us to build this amazing wall unit. Because we had a tight budget he was willing to let us do as much work as we could to save money. I painted and stained everything. Mike worked with him every time he worked on it, which saved time and he didn't charge as much when Mike was helping. As you can see it still needs some finishing touches on the ends/sides. I would like to find some handles for the cabinets. We love it! It has so much storage and our books have homes now.

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