Monday, April 27, 2015

Princess Tea Party II

Jaileigh and Annie have been begging for their annual Princess Tea Party for months before I was able to do it. It was so much easier this year because I had most of the decorations and tea cups. I also had each person bring a Princess Party Food to share so that I wasn't stuck with a lot of the food. I am so grateful for Kevin for the beautiful pictures he took in the other post. He is such a amazing photographer and so generous with his skills. Thank you!

The men folk- Mike took the boys and the neighbor boy bowling. They had so much fun!

Annie with her friends
Presley loved the fake flowers.
She asked if she could take them home.
My sweet Annie
Our friend Lizette
Hannah getting her make up done.
I thought her hair was so beautiful. She was Tangled/Rapunzel.

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