Sunday, April 5, 2015

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More pictures from Idyllwild

Playing in the tree while I folded the laundry.
We drove into the town of Idyllwild. We stay at Idyllwild Preserve, a campground above the town. It's a little mountain resort with overpriced stores. The kids had fun trying things on.

A lady at one of the stores gave the kids a scavenger hunt to do. It was so much fun! They had to find little things like, a coin, piece of paper, feather, dead bug, food, rock. They had so much fun looking around. Our search for things led us to this awesome park. This has to be the neatest park I've ever been too and sadly I didn't take very many pictures.
We went to eat at JoAnn's an overpriced restaurant with yummy food. The kids had fun playing on the stage.
Her Harry Potter wand.

We walked all over. These two taking a break, eating ice cream.
At the lodge, zoning in front of the TV.
Anthony playing foosball with daddy.

Annie and Jaileigh's hair one day.
The kids loved playing pool.

The lodge had a fireplace in it, so we built fires a couple of times and roasted marshmallows. It helped warm the lodge and was yummy!
 Working on Easter crafts
My camera is still on the fritz. I've finally talked Mike into taking it in to get fixed, Hooray!

Michael had no interest in painting. He sat on the top bunk, watched TV and played with his handcuffs.
The kids LOVED the lodge.
Our friends came up to visit us.
Kadence, Madison, Jaileigh and Annie

Annie in action- climbing up and up

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