Friday, April 3, 2015

More Idyllwild

We were in Idyllwild Monday-Friday. When we originally got there we were told everything was shut down for the winter, which meant no pool, no lodge, no fishing, no store or ice cream. The kids were looking forward to fishing. They packed their fishing poles and their fishing shirts they got from Idyllwild.  Mike and I decided we would stick it out until Wednesday and then we would go somewhere else if needed.  The kids had so much fun! They played in the dirt, hiked, ran around, played billiards, foosball, watched TV, dug holes, and just got dirty and dirtier and dirtier. We ended up staying until Friday and the kids still didn't want to go home. They all want to live there!

This picture was taken the 4th of July 2014, last time we were in Idyllwild.
They look so little! They have it hanging in Idyllwild at the lodge. The owners of the store gave the kids these shirts.
Pointing to their picture.
We went hiking on at the Nature Center.
They loved this teeter totter.
Michael in the nature center looking through the magnifying glass.
Jaileigh drawing.
Daddy and Annie
Annie and Michael
Taking a break
Annie, Jaileigh and Michael
Holes made from the Indians a long time ago.  They used these to grind their grains into flour.
I guess I took a bunch of Annie pictures.

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