Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Camping! For spring break we went camping. The kids were so excited to play in the dirt.
Boulder climbing.
The lodges game room was a great source of entertainment.
There was a TV with cable! Annie commandeered the remotes.
We did a few Easter activities. This was with marshmallows.
Jakob made a volcano.
Michael rock climbing.
I made an Easter egg fruit platter that no one appreciated but me.
Digging holes was a huge highlight.
 Don't they look thrilled!

Resting after a long walk/hike
Goof balls!
The girls were hanging out, watching a movie, eating popcorn.
One night Mike and I hid eggs with glow sticks attached to them. It was pretty fun. Really hard to get a good picture though!
Michael. Jake, Anthony, Jaileigh and Annie

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