Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Little Tale of Easter Eggs

I never remember to dye Easter Eggs until after Easter. This year, I was so proud of myself, I remembered! I even hard boiled them. I usually just dye regular eggs because my kids won't eat hard boiled. Annie's preschool teacher asked me to bring a dozen hard boiled eggs to school and I had to google how to make them. She laughed at me when I told her and asked what we did for Easter. I told her the Easter bunny hid the plastic eggs, of course! It was fun this year.

My kids threw a fit when I told them the Easter bunny was going to hide the hard boiled eggs. Oh my goodness! The Easter bunny was not too impressed and planned on hiding both kinds of eggs but I think he was a little too ambitious because Easter morning came too quickly and he wasn't fast enough to get both out. Plastic eggs and happy kids it was!

Michael and Jaileigh
(can you tell we swam all day, little sunkissed cheeks)
Annie and her daddy
Beautiful Easter eggs mixed with chicken eggs.
Since I've had kids I've really had to look into why we do certain things. They have friends that believe in different things.  My kids think it's weird that other kids don't believe what we do but it makes me think why we do certain things. I'm sure the day is soon to come when they start questioning me and I would love to be prepared.  Why is the egg so important for Easter? As a science nerd I know that the egg is a symbol of new life and this is an easy no brainer symbol of Christ's Resurrection, Christianity takes the egg a step further and compares the egg to the empty tomb after Jesus has risen. The empty egg, after the chick has hatched and been born is being compared to Jesus empty tomb and he has been resurrected.
Such an easy and simple way to teach and to remember our Savior on such an important holiday.
The Easter bunny was a little more vague to me. Reading online a very simple explanation is that bunnies give birth to large litters, symbolizing new life and rebirth again. Religion put together two symbols of fertility and rebirth, eggs and rabbits, to help remind us of our Savior's rebirth or Resurrection.

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